ADAM Global (ADAM) is pleased to announce the inauguration of our Elite Client Unit (ECU), which has been formed to benefit our ultra-wealthy individual clients and our major corporate clients.

The ECU will deliver services that elite clients are likely to require and will focus on non-UAE products and services, with a specialization in cross-border transactions, while ADAM will continue to provide the UAE focused services that it is currently renowned for.

Nevertheless, ADAM and the ECU will be mutually supportive as there will be cross-over business activities and ADAM will deliver accounting and administration services that ECU clients will require.

Among the services, which the ECU will deliver, are the following:

  • Formation and administration of holding, investment and trading companies, in multiple jurisdictions, including tax treaty analysis when required;
  • Sourcing legal and tax advice services, in multiple jurisdictions, for individual and corporate clients;
  • Delivering ownership and management structuring services;
  • Establishment and administration of trusts and foundations;
  • Forming private trustee companies in various jurisdictions;
  • Establishing private funds and fund management entities, in various jurisdictions, and delivering fund administration services;
  • Offering PPLI and other insurance products including life and keyman insurance etc; 
  • Offering commodity trading options including trading in precious metals and fuel oil products;
  • Offering investments solutions that are targeted at ultra-wealthy clients;
  • Helping clients to acquire high-value real estate, in various jurisdictions, and to deliver the services of property management companies when required to;
  • Assisting clients to acquire or lease aircraft and yachts, including commercial aircraft, and procure the services of management companies where required;
  • Deliver 2nd citizenship and acquisition of visa services in various jurisdictions;
  • Project and loan financing;
  • Vetting old, inefficient and problem structures and offering solutions to the issues discovered including restructuring solutions;
  • Other estate and wealth planning solutions will be delivered upon specific request.

The Global Head of the ECU is Ed Rogers, being a vastly experienced international wealth planner who has held senior-level positions in 16 trust business jurisdictions. The ECUs Technical Director is Svetla Pencheva who is a PHD qualified lawyer and also an expert in finance, banking and global taxation, and particularly EU taxation, as well as being an expert in IT matters including crypto currencies. Mohsin Ali is the ECU’s Business Development Director and delivers expertise on UAE structuring, including economic substance regulations, when required to. The ECU also has a number of support staff but Ed, Svetla and Mohsin are the structuring and investment specialists.

For further information, concerning the ECU and its services, please contact your usual ADAM representative.

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