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ADAM Global is a name trusted since 2002 for investors and Companies like your from all over the world to set up, scale & expand their business in the Middle East and specifically the United Arab Emirates. We put your ambitions at the center of everything we do and hold your hand throughout your business journey.

Overview: We are a leading Market Research Company in the UAE

For any business to be successful, the market it operates has to be a level playing field and sometimes it needs to be at least receptive to the product or service offered. In identifying the market and understanding the market scenario in total apart from the market reach and benefits, Adam Global has a market research wing that delves into the market conditions and the gap that the new entity can serve. This is very important for a new entity making its presence felt in the new market as Dubai/UAE.

Benefits: What are the benefits of Market Research for my company?

Market research enables companies to gain a better understanding and perspective of the market. While it enables you as an entrepreneur or CEO to understand the market opportunities it also minimizes the associated investment risk.

Spending on market research actually takes up only a small proportion of your investment that goes into professional market test, concept or idea prototyping and market trend and needs, which in turn help you to conduct business in a way that is suited to the market with higher return on profits.

The benefits of Market Research with a market research company in Dubai like ADAM Global include:

  • Minimization of investment risk and maximizing of profits.
  • Gains insight to potential opportunities and threats and be prepared to address those accordingly
  • Discover your real competitors and expectation of your target market
  • Market research is the foundation of your business strategy an enables you to reach your business goals more objectively.
  • Identify current and emerging market trends that will help your business to adapt accordingly
  • Get predictive market analysis , forecast and revenue projections.
  • Establish focus on your customer needs and demands
  • Provides an evaluation tool to measure success against benchmarks that has proven 69 % faster growth and 45 % greater productivity according to a PWC research.
  • Enables innovation to take place through new ideas and concept creations

Services: What are the services you provide for Market Research?

Our team of expert advisors and consultant posessess unparalleled in-house capabilities to conduct market research to ease your market entry into the United Arab Emirates including Dubai and Abu Dhabi as well as other GCC regions.

  • Market and Product Surveys that can be done online , via telephone or face-to-face
  • Interviews and Focus Groups
  • Collection , analysis and interpretation of data with an advance data tool.
  • Market & Competitive Intelligence Reports (Trends | Size | Growth Potential)
  • Reports on market share, brand positioning and other important key market factors.
  • Need Analysis and Cognititve Consumer Behavior (Needs | Demands | Expectations)

Industries- What are the industries that ADAM Global provides Market Research for?

ADAM Global Market Research department specializes across a range of industries including but not limited to;

  • Automobile
  • Agriculture
  • Apparals
  • Aviation & Aerospace technology
  • Banking & Finance
  • E-commerce
  • Technology
  • Trading , import/export
  • Professional Business Services ( like Consulting , marketing, law etc)
  • Manufacturing , Industrial
  • Healthcare (Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacy)
  • Hospitality ( hotels and tourism)
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Sports

Process: What is the process used by ADAM Global for Market Research ?

At ADAM Global we do  not just produce paper reports for the sake of it. Our reports are tailor-made and created according to your specific needs and requirement. Therefore it is important to us to understand your business and what your aim is.  A standard market research report is usually  15-20 page long report that contains  critical information about the key focus areas for the research.

Below is 8 Step process on how our clients love working with us

  1. Initial Discussion to identify research areas and set out objectives
  2. Develop and share a market research plan on what tools and methods will be used and required to conduct the necessary research
  3. Finalizing the plan with you
  4. Conducting the Primary and/or secondary market research
  5. Collection and storage of data
  6. Analysis and interpretation of Data and results
  7. Finalization of the Market Research Report
  8. Presenting Recommendation

Why do Clients Work with ADAM Global for Market Research?

ADAM Global puts your ambitions at the center of everything we do. We provide our clients with a 360 market entry support and services We provide our clients with a bespoke service, tailor-made, for their needs and ensuring optimal gain through one of life’s key journeys– setting up or growing a business.

We take care and protect our clients and their business ideas and therefore will always sign an NDA ( Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreement) to ensure that all your unique ideas stay confidential.

Our specialists take you through everything from feasibility to company set-up and from market information to intellectual property rights as well as corporate partner services.

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Our Premium Clients

We take pride in having worked with world’s leading companies as we carry our relationships beyond just offering a service or solution but to focus on the growth and expansion of our clients.


Frequently Asked Questions

The UAE was known to possess the 7th largest oil reserve in the world, but the economy is shifting rapidly towards diversification of resources. With its stable trade policies and ease of doing business , the UAE’s has a thriving growth across various sectors and industries.
Well, in essence you are not obliged to use a market research company for your business . However , market research is not about obtaining data alone,what really matters is how do you intpret the data and what are expert recommendation that you need to take into account. A market research company like ADAM Consulting , already has decades of experience in the local UAE market and therefore undertstand the need of business in and out.
Usually a market research to evaluate the target market would require to examine the size of the market and what is the demand and any existing gaps in the supply of that . Based on that the ideal methods are set for further research to evaluate how to bridge that unmet demand in the market and to analyze the competition.
Ideally you start by doing a bit of research on your own an be crystal clear about your idea. However , sometimes that quality of your own data may not really prove fruitful for correct interpretation and that is why a market research experts comes in handy. They have years of experience and specialize in obitaing qualitative data with right analysis.

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