Are you a business owner wondering what is this buzz around Dubai EXPO 2020 is and why you should care? Do you think that Expo 2020 will be beneficial to your business or how you can improve my business through participation? Let us guide you.

Dubai is hosting the World’s  largest gathering and the biggest event – Dubai Expo 2020. The six-month-long event is expected to attract 25 million visitors from the business community and consumers all around the world with ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future‘ as the theme. That being expressed` into three sub themes: Sustainability, Opportunity, and Mobility

  • Sustainability is respecting and living in harmony with the environment we inhabit.
  • Opportunity is providing individuals and communities with ways to shape the future.
  • Mobility is the smarter and more productive movement of people, goods, and ideas, both physically and virtually.

Being postponed a year to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is set to begin in October 2021 until March 2022. Over the next six months, it’s going to be a celebration of human ingenuity, innovation, progress, and culture. There will be investor pitching conferences, global investment forums, and inspirational talks, undoubtedly attended by the crème de la crème of the business world and visionary minds.

The country (UAE) will be having millions of visitors who will spend money on food, shopping, entertainment, and business investments, meaning the economy is set to grow by around $ 20- 30 billion. Using this event will be an opportunity for the UAE to show off its full range of resources. Thereby, aiming to exceed its past successes and position itself as a global powerhouse of innovation and investments. Organizations, investors, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists from all over the world are welcome to participate and be a part of the event.


  • The Dubai Metro can carry 44,000 passengers per hour to and from the Expo 2020 Dubai site directly
  • Expected to attract 25 million unique visitors and up to 33 million visits over the six- month period
  • 30,000 volunteers will help welcome the world to Expo 2020 Dubai
  • 50+ global cuisines from 200 restaurants and over 100 Executive chefs across Expo 2020 Dubai
  • The Expo 2020 Dubai site is 4.38sqkm – equal to more than 600 football pitches.
  • 190 countries would participate in the global event
  • Expected to create – 2,77,149 jobs
  • Full time equivalent job years from 2013 – 2031 – 905,200
  • Spending in SME Sector – AED 4.07 Billion
  • Expo contribution to UAE GDP – 1.5 % from 20 October – 10 April 2021
  • Boosts to the economy from 2013 – 2031 – AED 122.6 Billion


From small companies to large corporations, Dubai has historically been a safe and solid investment location. As a result of the pandemic, the economy has been sluggish over the last 18 months. Dubai Expo 2020, however, will give Dubai an extra boost and  the World knows it’s on the right path to recovery.

Aside from tourism, real estate, construction, and investment, the Expo is expected to have a great deal of impact on many other sectors. The event is expected to generate revenue of up to Dhs. 128 billion, and foreign investments of around Dhs. 550 billion are expected at the event of expo 2020 to Dubai and the wider UAE. With the development boom, especially within the realm of projects, real estate, and transportation infrastructure, it is anticipated that Expo 2020 Dubai will continue to present significant opportunities for the business community, banking sector, and the UAE’s economy.

Expo 2020’s six-month duration will offer startups and SMEs an opportunity to network with businesses, firms, and institutions from other countries and develop long-term relationships that can help them grow and bring in profits. Likewise, it offers businesses a wealth of opportunities to spread their wings, connect, collaborate, and expand. Additionally, it will serve as a venue for businesses to discover how to take advantage of emerging markets in the future.

Here are some other reasons why your business must attend and be part of Dubai Expo 2020:

1.    Create new business opportunities and attract new clients:

Opportunities arrive when ideas, concepts, visions gather together. Dubai Expo 2020 is such a platform. Also, Dubai being one of the first cities to host a World Expo in the Middle East, speaks volumes about its increasing presence as an international player in the business. Therefore, a huge amount of investment will be made in Dubai from international brands that plan to establish branches and tap the local market at an early stage. By presenting their innovations on a global stage, startups can attract the attention of people from all over the world. With good strategies in place, you can expect more clients to flock to your services and products during this period.

2.    Increase your brand presence:

Dubai Expo 2020 is a universal platform, so irrespective of the sector your business is in, it will help you increase your brand’s presence. As 25 million visitors are expected your business can make the best connections face to face. By focusing on where their businesses will be both during and after the Expo, business leaders and entrepreneurs can best exploit the many opportunities that the event will bring to the city of Dubai.

Dubai is already leading in tourism, hospitality, and retail, but the upcoming global exposure will also boost other sectors. Visitors will see us pushing boundaries in everything from construction, sustainability, and finance to cutting-edge communications not only at the Expo but across the city at every corner. Additionally, they can see how we are uniquely positioned to host an international business.

3.    Boost profits for your business:

With a rise in foreign investment, Expo 2020 is expected to generate a large amount of  revenue. In other words, when the economy is thriving, it is also a good time to increase market reach and revenue by promoting your products and services. It is not just a small number of hundreds of thousands but an estimate of 25 million visitors to arrive in Dubai during this time frame.

Visitors and prospective buyers are expected from both the local and international markets. As a result of the event, Dubai will showcase its immense investment potential to financial institutions, along with direct financing options for projects, and related transnational opportunities.

4.    Create jobs and as well as skilled labor for your business:

A large influx of tourists will bring more potential customers to Dubai, which will, in turn, encourage businesses to employ more hands-on workers. No matter how good the infrastructure maybe if specialized workers are not on hand to help businesses, they will not be able to realize their full potential. Expo 2020 will create a far greater pool of skilled workers, meaning businesses will have plenty of opportunities to hire the best international and national talent after the event.

5.    Center of the World’s media:

Businesses thrive when they are exposed to new customers. Therefore, businesses can make the most out of the Expo to use the event as an opportunity to be at the center of the world’s media.

With the world’s attention focused on the city in the next few years, companies operating in the region can utilize media attention to enrich their global image. Using this method to establish a global presence works best for services or products that have distinctive identities and positioning should make the best use of it. Startups and businesses that do not fit the stereotype of a typical Dubai business may also be able to capture this media attention.

6.    An array of Business-specific programs:

Thrive Together Program for businesses:

The Thrive Together program is a business-oriented program that offers a variety of networking events, knowledge-sharing workshops, and thought-leadership seminars as well as tailored products and services. In the UAE, the region, and beyond, these events will offer visitors the opportunity to identify new business opportunities, form profitable partnerships, and collaborate toward prosperity. Businesses of all sizes, including SMEs, start-up firms, governments, and international organizations around the world, have an unprecedented opportunity through this program.

In collaboration with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Thrive Together program will host several Thematic Business Forums. These events address emerging business opportunities, feature cutting-edge technology, and serve as platforms for innovation, collaboration, and connection. In addition, they will accelerate private sector progress on current global challenges such as climate change and biodiversity, space, and knowledge and learning.

In addition to a B2B, B2G, and G2G AI-powered app, Thrive Together also provides a range of relevant B2C products and services including proposals based on user profiles, expertise, preferences, and interactions.

Country Business Briefings:

Expo’s participants can leverage the presence of their heads of state or government, along with their business leaders, to showcase the unique business opportunities available in their countries.

Three Global Business Forums (GBFs), including the first edition of Global Business Forum ASEAN, will take place at the world-class Dubai Exhibition Centre (DEC), Expo 2020 Dubai. These Global Business Forums will invite important influencers, business leaders, and industry experts to explore business synergies and address obstacles to growth, promoting trade and investment, and fostering economic development.


The economy benefits from any improvement to a city’s infrastructure. Therefore, we can be sure that the foresight and planning of the government to bring about various improvements will enhance Dubai’s economy thus bringing more and more facilities for the business community.

As sustainability is the underpinning of Dubai Expo 2020, nearly all of the structures and buildings will be located in the future District 2020. The area will be a thriving residential neighborhood with retail, F&B establishments, businesses of all sizes, also providing cultural and educational opportunities for the future. Consequently, we will become a key attraction for world-class talent and businesses. Furthermore, the city will host the largest airport in the world.

With that said, it is certain that the post-Expo site and the improved city infrastructure will leave a lasting legacy for future generations, and will significantly enhance the local economy, and remain a wonderful memory for one and all.

You could either be an established UAE-based business looking for expansion, a budding entrepreneur seeking ideas and support, or an overseas company looking to enter a high- growth market for the first time. We recommend you start this journey within the next six months. During Expo 2020 Dubai, with visitors, exposure, and boost to the economy; it’s crucial that you take advantage before the opportunity ceases to exist.

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