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Type of Sponsorship in the UAE

When you incorporate a mainland company in Dubai or UAE, you would be required to appoint a local sponsor or Local service Agent. You also have the option of a corporate sponsor that gives you more financial freedom in the UAE. Not many Consultancy firms provide direct corporate sponsorship options and would normally have another firm at the back providing the same. However, ADAM Global provides you with an in-house corporate sponsor, and therefore you save on costs you would pay elsewhere.

In general, we have the following sponsorships available for you Mainland Company in UAE:

  • Local Sponsor
  • Local Service Agent
  • Corporate Sponsor
  • Royal Sponsor

What you exactly need is advised by our expert consultants.

What is a Local Sponsor?

A local sponsor is a local partner to your business and requires by law to be a UAE national who is entitled to 51% shares of the company. Usually, if your mainland company will conduct trading or industrial activities, a local sponsor is mandatory, and the company will be an LLC Company, i.e. Limited liability Company. We can arrange trusted local sponsors for your business in the UAE.

What is a Local Service Agent?

Just like a local sponsor, a local service agent is an Emirati National. However, and unlike the local sponsor, the LSA will have no legal rights, liabilities and interests in the company. A local service agent is more like a facilitator that acts as a point of liaising with government departments to facilitate the business. The local service agent is required for the following type of companies:


  • A professional type of sole establishment
  • A civil company with no engineering activity
  • Branch of a foreign company

What is a Corporate Sponsor?

Many business owners who are new to the UAE find it a bit intimidating to have a local sponsor. Therefore ADAM Global provides you with a corporate sponsor option. Just like a local sponsor the corporate sponsor is an Emirati owned business entity that will own a 51 % share of the foreign company but controlled and managed by ADAM.

This means you can now have peace at mind while at the same time, enjoy a higher sense of financial freedom. Below is an illustration of how a corporate sponsorship works;

Corporate Sponsorship with ADAM Global

  • Ensures peace of mind
  • Grants you a higher sense of financial freedom
  • No Financial Risk involved
  • A corporate sponsor is more stable as unavoidable
  • circumstances such as demise are ruled out.
  • No operational interference to your business

What is a Royal Sponsor?

A royal sponsorship in legal essence is like a local or corporate sponsor but granted by the private family offices of a member of the royal family in UAE for the prime purpose of accessing and winning local tenders and government projects. The company applying must be sound and well established, and due diligence by ADAM Global is conducted before processing the application for a Royal Sponsorship.

How does ADAM Global arrange a local sponsor for my mainland company in UAE?

Normally a local sponsor in Dubai or UAE is required for a mainland business setup. When you incorporate a mainland company in Dubai or UAE, you would be required to appoint a local sponsor or Local service Agent. To give you an idea of how we work with our client, read below on the process for acquiring a trustworthy local sponsor with ADAM Global;


  1. A consultant or business advisor will advise you on a suitable option for your mainland company and what type of sponsor you need.
  2. You pay Local business sponsorship fee
  3. You would receive a set of a document from the local sponsor including passport copy and emirates ID
  4. You apply for an initial trade license approval for your LLC company after reserving a company name. Our consultant will fully facilitate the process and its related requirements.
  5. We schedule an appointment with the local sponsor or LSA for notarization of the Memorandum of Associations or service agent agreement at a Notary Public of the chosen emirate.
  6. Our advisors will then submit all your document to DED and liaise to receive the payment voucher to get the license issued.

Frequently Asked Questions

Legally yes, but interference and taking control over your business affairs can happen if your business is not structured right. Advisors at ADAM Global can advise you on company structuring and guide you in ways that will enable you to be always in control of your business.
The cost of local sponsorship depends on what type of sponsorship you require. Normally this starts from AED 7000. However a royal sponsorship start with no less than AED 500,000 and often valued at min. of AED 1Million.
Since all agreements between you and the local sponsor will be notarised at Dubai Courts or the respective Emirate’s court, you are assured that you are legally protected.
Yes, as long as the memorandum of associations have not been signed and notarised by the Public Notary, your fee can be refunded in full.

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