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    Bringing your business this far was quite a feat. Now it’s time to take the next move, an important one – trademark registration. Why? Because why not! Your brand is a phenomenal creation of your brain. It deserves to be recognised and once it is acknowledged and trusted by millions of people the world over it must be shielded from those who could simply nick it for their benefit. Thankfully, there is a fool proof way to firewall your beloved brand against ill-intentioned people. And it’s none other – Trademark Registration. However, the process of trademark registration in the UAE is not lowbrow and requires you to hire an experienced IP attorney who can jump through several hoops on your behalf to get things done while staying compliant with the law. Someone who can take care of all the documentary and research requirements to register your trademark in the UAE so you can get the services you deserve from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is find one of the best IP Lawyers in the UAE such as Adam Consulting who is hands-on with the exhaustive process of trademark registration. And if you are reading this page already you are just a click away from them. Yes, we got you!

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    Why Adam Consulting for Trademark Registration or Other IP Services in Dubai, UAE?

    A swarm of businesses, whether startups or big corporations, prefer Adam Consulting firm over other IP service providers in the UAE for a wide range of Intellectual Property Services – from IP Search, Renewals and Annuities Services to Trademarks, Patents, Designs and Copyrights Registration to Mediation and Advisory Services to anything in between. And it’s not hard to see why? Known for its steadfast and instantaneous IP services, the company has been a household name for over two decades. It’s not just our team of some of the best Chartered Patent Agents and Middle Eastern Patent & Trademark Attorneys but also our clients’ trust in them that makes us what we are today – one of the most ardent multidisciplinary IP services provider companies in the GCC region. We take pride in consistently being at the forefront of efforts to improve and expand the region of our practice which currently covers Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Gaza Strip, Iraq, Kurdistan (north Iraq), Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, West Bank, Yemen and correspondents worldwide with highest calibre services. With our IP lawyers by your side, you are covered for all the spadework involved in the trademark registration process in the UAE.

    What IP Services in the UAE can be outsourced to Adam Consulting?

    You may count on Adam Consulting IP Lawyers in Dubai for a whole host of IP-related services. Our team at Adam Consulting continues to expertly and adeptly handle all IP matters including:


    Trademarks, Patents, Designs and Copyrights Registration


    IP Search, Renewals & Annuities Services


    Trademark Examination & Watch Services


    Anti-Infringement & Counterfeiting Services


    Licensing & Franchising


    Recordation Services


    Recordation in Dubai Customs


    Mediation Services


    Advisory Services

    Plus, we also represent our clients before the Patents and Trademark Offices throughout the Arab World and maintain an exceptional level of expertise in directly handling all Oppositions, Appeals and Courts.
    Accordingly, if you require further assistance or information regarding our cost or the range of legal services we offer. Our attorneys will be happy to provide you with innovative IP solutions tailored to meet your needs at very competitive rates in order to build a strong partnership between our firms.

    How can we help?

    You‘re most welcome to Adam Consulting, one of the leading IP services providers in Dubai, UAE, should you require expert assistance from proficient IP attorneys in Dubai for the following services

    Trademark, Patent and Design Registration

    We offer registration for maintaining, licensing, and counselling services for trademarks, patents, and designs in addition to search and monitoring for published trademarks and designs of the customers’ original mark in the Middle East and North Africa region.

    Trademark, Patent and Design portfolio management/counselling

    Our Intellectual Property portfolio management services enable our clients to track application status, information, invoices and progress. Further, we are equipped to send instructions to any of our IP offices for services such as search, renewal and recording of client licenses. If a client is having a hard time understanding the application process, we can even help them out by counselling them about the schedules, payments, application status, search procedure, and renewals.

    Trademark, Patent and Design Renewals/Annuities

    The dependable attorneys at Adam Consulting advise clients when to pay for the renewals of their esteemed trademarks, which may be 7, 10, or 15 years depending on the nation in which they are registered, in order to preserve the mark from dangers. As opposed to this, when it comes to patents, our lawyers arrange annuity reminders for our clients to let them know about the annuity payment needed to maintain their patents each year.

    Trademark, Patent and Design Examination/Valuation

    We thoroughly analyse the application in order, in line with the filing date of the application and forward it to the trademark, patent office where it’s registered only after ensuring that all the requirements have been met to avoid unnecessary delays caused by even a minor discrepancy.

    Trademark, Patent and Design Appeals, oppositions, cancellation actions and courts

    When one of our clients requests a formal correction, cancellation, or amendment to an official decision, our legal counsel assists in examining the situation. If a person thinks they will be harmed by the registration of a mark or design, they may submit an opposition, and our attorneys will make sure to represent their clients’ interests. The opposition, however, can only be handled in reaction to the mark’s official gazette publication.

    Trademark Watch

    With a broad variety of professional, local, and international trademark watching, we protect your important brand and promptly respond to possible infringements. Our trademark surveillance services aid in the methodical discovery of potential trademark conflicts involving recently published international trademark registrations for our clients. To assist our clients in making the best business decisions, we screen the gazettes and promptly provide them with freshly filed marks.

    Trademark, Patent and Design Official, Database and Common Law Search

    We can establish whether a trademark is available both internationally and in the MENA area by using our comprehensive database and common law search. In order to find registered, cancelled, and expired trademarks as well as pending and abandoned trademark applications, our skilled attorneys employ cutting-edge research methodologies in conjunction with the most recent trademark databases.

    Franchising and Licensing

    From start-ups to large national and worldwide franchise organizations and systems, we represent a broad spectrum of franchisors. Plus, we offer protection for sensitive or confidential data as well as other common franchise system IP concerns. Not just that, we also appropriately assess the distinctive relationship between franchisors and franchisees in order to deliver successful franchising guidance.

    Customs Recordation

    In order to recognise and differentiate the brand from that of the other providers and to define the source of the brand, we provide the record of the trademark used or intended to be used. After the relevant steps have been obeyed, we continue to maintain the Customs database for intellectual property rights.


    At Adam Consulting, we offer a medley of anti-infringement services that protect both your financial interests and intellectual property rights. Our copyright attorney may advise you on your legal choices and assist you in determining if, when, how, and what legal action to take against infringers, as well as how to resolve any such issue via litigation or other means. Ascertain that any such choice aligns with your business’s broader strategy and goals. What’s more, our IP lawyers in Dubai enlighten you about the knowledge they need on anti-infringement issues. We work across the Middle East and North Africa region in infringement cases involving trademark, patent, design, and copyright.
    Furthermore, Adam Consulting consists of specialized IP professionals who can assist you in removing the infringing material alleged to have been published on the infringer’s website by issuing a Takedown notice. In addition to these services, Adam Consulting’s attorneys and legal consultants also offer you additional legal services related to copyright enforcement, such as:

    • Conducting routine inspections as part of its vigilance against copyright infringement,
    • Confiscating and destroying all copies that have been made in violation, with the assistance of the police
    • Providing assistance in filing a copyright infringement complaint against the infringer

    1. Why Should I Register My Trademark in GCC?

    Before I answer your question, answer this – Would you leave your briefcase full of cash unlocked (or even locked) on the bench in a park or your car with the key inside in a street and go home assuming no one will touch it because it’s not their property? The catch is that your brand is your valuable asset too and you won’t want to let someone steal it. We all hate taking rounds of court, right? However, despite knowing the possible consequences of not registering the trademark, most companies ignore or procrastinate their trademarks and brand name registration, and if you are one of them, then let me tell you that trademark registration is as necessary as buying business insurance and must not be taken lightly. They both keep you from unpleasant surprises in the future. After all, prevention is better than cure!
    You’ve spent tons of time coming up with the right name for your product or business, or even a whole list of names for your various services and products, all for leaving them all to hang in the breeze, unprotected? Of course not! Doing business without trademarking your brand is like writing an exam, sitting right next to your competitor without covering the paper. A registered trademark not just protects the brand from competitors and counterfeiting, but also helps business owners earn the trust of their consumers. Furthermore, if you are looking to expand your business in any of the GCC nations, you should have a brand protection strategy in place. This will deter competitors from manipulating your brand reputation and intellectual property (IP) when you start growing. Therefore, the sooner you file a trademark application, the better it is for your business. Even starting the trademark application as soon as your LLC or corporation paperwork is filed is a great idea. By filing for a trademark prior to launch, you can be sure that your name is protected once you kick off commercial sales. Below are some of the reasons why trademark protection must be your top consideration.

    • Provides brand recognition: Customers can instantly identify your brand amidst a crowd of identical products or services in the market if it bears a registered trademark.
    • Stops counterfeit: The absence of trademark registration is an open invitation to copycat competitors to take advantage of your brand value in the market by creating similar names or making counterfeit products under your brand name. You can get a master copy of the most valued trademarked products such as apple in the market as well. Imagine if Apple had not done trade registration.
    • Puts a good impression on customers: Your registered brand name or logo easily gets etched into the minds of buyers forever, which is a dead giveaway that they are impressed with your business values and initiatives.
    • Builds trust: A trademark registered in the UAE conveys a clear message to customers about the brand owner, the company’s reputation, products and services, and this transparency acts as a thread of trust connecting you with your buyers.
    • Establishes a rapport with your niche customers: Trademarks are vital for SMEs to gain an upper hand in the market, as customers have a comprehensive range of choices in a highly dynamic market like Dubai. Remember, not all customers go for big brands.
    • Notifies others of your rights: After being registered in the official register, a trademark cannot be used by others. It is also helpful when you are getting regression in foreign countries, ensuring your brand protection worldwide.
    • Gives you the right to initiate litigation: You can stop the infringement by asking the companies to withdraw a similar name or logo, and this can be done only if your trademark is registered with the UAE Trademark Office.
    • Authorises you to use the word “registered”: Once registered, you can flaunt your rights by using the word “registered” or the symbol “®”. You may use the “TM” symbol on the logo of your company or brand if the trademark application is still under process.
    • Helps lure investors: Registered trademark is key for drawing potential investors. Convincing investors to invest in your company is not easy if your brand is registered with the UAE Trademark Office. It clearly indicates that you have not yet thought about the future of your start-up.
    • Makes it easy for customers to reach you: Just think of how we easily relate to the name, design and logos of big brands such as Apple or Amazon. By registering your brand in the UAE, you can ensure that consumers have a recall value with your name.
    • Trademarks make the greatest assets: As your business matures or expands, the trademark’s value also increases. The trademarks will be of tremendous value when you are planning to diversify the products or services, franchise through licensing or sell the company

    If not for trademark registration, opportunist competitors can create confusion among customers by creating brand names or logos that are similar to yours. And letting them make an unfair profit at the expense of your valued brands is the last thing you want. As per UAE law, expatriate business owners must register their trademarks only through trademark agents in the country. Only trademark agents can access the official gazette where trademarks are published. You have to work with renowned and reliable trademark agents in Dubai, such as Adam Global Dubai. Highly qualified and up to date on the UAE Trademark Law, our IP experts in Dubai have registered a large number of brands from various sectors in the GCC. You may have our trademark registration experts register your trademark in the UAE, so you can carry on your business with mental peace knowing that your trademarks are adequately protected in the UAE as well as other GCC countries.

    2. What are the Intellectual Property Products in the UAE?

    There are mainly five types of Intellectual Property products in the UAE viz. Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secrets and Right Industrial Design. Allow us to give a brief explanation about each ahead:

    • Patent: A patent is an exclusive license granted for any set of procedures that are the result of an innovative idea or any new invention. The invention under discussion could be a device, product, application, or entirely new method. There are utility certificates for inventions and designs that have an industrial application but are not novel enough to warrant a patent. When it comes to intellectual property laws, scientific theories, mathematical methods, principles, animal or human treatment, and business methods cannot be patented.
    • Copyright: Copyright, the most popular type of IP, allows authors and artists to publicly display their ownership of a piece of written or visual expression.
    • Trademark: Protecting brands and the name of the product is the main purpose of a trademark. It is traditionally applied to phrases used to describe the service offered by a specific brand. A wordmark is another name for a trademark or brand that just consists of words. The trademark area also includes slogans and logos.
    • Trade Secrets: Intellectual property (IP) rights on confidential information which may be sold or licensed are termed Trade Secrets. Typically, to qualify as a trade secret, the information must be:
      1. commercially valuable because it is secret,
      2. be known only to a limited group of persons, and
      3. be subject to reasonable steps taken by the rightful holder of the information to keep it secret, including the use of confidentiality agreements for business partners and employees.

      It is considered an unfair activity and a breach of trade secret protection when others obtain, utilize, or disclose such secret information without authorization in a way that is inconsistent with honest commercial practices.

    • Right Industrial Design: Industrial design is the process of creating something that is aesthetically pleasing. It could have 2D features like lines, patterns, or colours or 3D features like shapes. You may protect your design from infringement and other sorts of unauthorized replication by purchasing industrial design rights.

    3. What is the best legal form for registering my brand in the UAE - trademark or copyright?

    In general, your brand can be registered legally in one of two ways: as a trademark or as a copyright. Both the trademark and copyright certificates are valid legal documents that serve to protect your brand as an item of intellectual property. The processes for establishing a brand, registering organizations, and law enforcement vary though.
    Determine the primary aim of brand use before selecting the appropriate legal type of brand registration. We advise you to register your brand as a trademark if you plan to take part in state procurement processes and primarily work with ministries and government agencies. However, it is more effective, less expensive, and quicker for business owners who sell goods and services to customers directly (B2B, B2C) to register a trademark as a copyright.

    4. What Trademarks are Registrable in the UAE?

    There are certain limitations that you should know target=”_blank”>before going for trademark registration in the UAE. You must ensure that the trademark you’re registering does not contain any of the following:

    • Symbols such as for Red Cross and Red Crescent
    • Names or titles of third parties
    • Offences against public morals and religions
    • Direct translations of other well-known trademarks
    • Public symbols (such as flags)

    There may be additional limitations to what you can include in your trademark, which you can figure out by getting in touch with the Ministry of Economy or Adam IP Lawyers in Dubai.

    5. What are the Required Documents for Trademark Registration in the UAE?

    Below is the list of primary documents you need to upload after filling up the application form online:

      • Trademark Logo
      • Copy of Trade Licence
      • Power of Attorney
      • Копия паспорта
      • Priority Document

    List of Goods and Services to be protected

    You may be asked for additional documents if applicable. 

    6. What is the process for Trademark Registration in GCC?

    The Ministry of Economy is the competent authority to register and protect intellectual property in the UAE. You can register a trademark, copyright or patent through the ministry’s website. Here’s your step-by-step guide to trademark registration in GCC:
    Step 1: Perform a trademark search to ensure the trademark is not already registered in GCC
    Whether by using free trademark search tools or with the help of Adam IP Dubai trademark agents, make sure the trademark you are going to register in GCC does not already exist. If it is not in use, then you can go ahead with the next steps of trademark registration in the UAE.
    Step 2: Fill out the online application form on the Ministry of Economy’s website
    Ministry of Economy is officially in charge of trademark applications. Go to the homepage of their website and complete the application form, attach the pertinent documents and submit. You may access the trademark registration form by clicking on the options below one by one:

    • ‘Services’
    • ‘e-Services’ from the dropdown menu
    • ‘Trademarks’ from the Services page
    • ‘Trademark Registration’ under New Applications
    • And finally, ‘Submit’

    Step 3: Pay the application fee
    Make the payments online via the MOE’s e-services platform to proceed with your trademark registration application. You may also have to fork out the court fees or a translation charge.
    Step 4: Wait until the final evaluation by the ministry
    After the successful submission of the application, the MOE will review your submission. Usually, it takes 30 days for trademark clearance, if no issues are found with your filing.
    Step 5: Pay for publishing the document in the Official Gazette
    Once approved, pay the publishing fee on the same platform. After receiving the payment, the ministry publishes the trademark document in the Official Gazette to ensure no one has any objection to the trademark being registered. They wait for 30 days from the application release date and proceed further with the trademark registration if no objection is filed within the agreed time.
    Step 6: Finally pay for trademark registration and collect the certificate
    You have to make final payments at this step. The Ministry of Economy grants you a certificate of approval if no objection to the trademark is filed within the stipulated period. The document features the registration number, date of filing, company name and owner’s name, trademark, and a list of the goods, products, and services that come under it.
    Remember, trademarks are only a subset of the broader category of Intellectual Property Rights. Once registered, the trademark is valid for ten years in GCC and can be renewed for another ten years following payment of a certain fee.
    The process flow for a successful application: Fill Application >> Application Payment >> Application Review >> Pay for Publishing >> Publishing >> Pay for Registration >> Registered

    Expected Duration for Trademark Registration Completion
    The Trademark Registration process usually takes 120 days to complete if everything goes well. Let’s know why you have to wait for at least 4 months to have your trademark registered in the UAE with the help of the following table.

    Duration Purpose
    30 days from the date of submitting the application For application review
    30 days from the date of notification of the acceptance decision from the date of payment of publication fees For publication
    30 days from the date of issuing the marks bulletin For possible objection
    30 days after the objection period has ended, and the certificate has been received. For registration fee payment

    Elevator Pitch

    The fruit of your years of hard work, your brand is more than just a watchword or your style preference. It’s the collective imagery, feeling, and reputation of your company that follows it around. Get in touch with Adam Consulting IP Lawyers only if you want to get your marks registered efficiently and effortlessly by knowledgeable IP professionals in Dubai with a track record of successful business setups in the United Arab Emirates. Finding a lawyer who is informed about the procedures required for company trademark registration in the UAE will relieve you of hours of work. Book a free consultation with us and put a bow on your long pursuit of branding by getting it trademarked with one of the best IP Lawyers in the UAE.

    or Call +971 50 911 0516