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What is Management Consulting and why choose Adam Consulting?

Management Consulting services are professional services provided by experienced management experts. Management Consulting Firms should have reliable, competent sources that help organizations to thrive by guiding and educating them expertly. They should be able to provide consultation on various platforms like tapping new business opportunities and aligning current businesses to the environment.

Management Consultants need to be the guiding force that brings focus to Organisations throughout their life cycles.

Start-Up: This is the phase in which the most crucial decisions are made; What, When, Where, Why, Who and How – ALL the important questions that will decide the fate and future of an enterprise are answered by a competent management consultant at this stage. Future return on investment (ROI) is influenced by the quality of advice a business has at this stage of its lifecycle. Adam Consulting’s core practice is business set-up as we have in-depth knowledge of the complex start-up structures and facilities in the UAE and around the GCC. The UAE particularly has a vast number of options, many free zones and economic departments dotted around the country. The choice is overwhelming for the newcomer and expertise on the costs and benefits each option offers from a knowledgeable source is invaluable. 

Early Days – Years 1 to 3: Having a management consultant on board results in a trajectory of growth. Management Consultants research and study alternatives carefully. They perform in-depth situational analysis, SWOT exercises and a study of the business environment to recommend profitable markets, segments, and geographies as well as optimum resources to maximise returns.

At an advanced stage of the company’s life, management consultants are indispensable in strategic decision-making during acquisitions, mergers, and expansion.

Adam Consulting has a diverse talent and capability. The team consists of professionals from varied fields of importance to business: from Lawyers, Accountants, Auditors, and Financial Consultants to experts in HR, Immigration and other matters of local/regional relevance.

Every country has its own peculiarities and requirements, more so the UAE with its unique mix of ethnicities and cultures. Visa regulations, the now developing tax structure, the evolving role of women in the workplace and the increasing importance of transparency highlight the need for an understanding of the economic and government landscape. Adam Consulting can balance a client’s need to establish a unique corporate identity with its ability to blend into the market.

Adam Consulting is part of the worldwide network Adam Global spread across more than 100 geographical locations. It lives and breathes the axiom ‘Think Global, Act Local’. Being a prominent member of a renowned network assures clients of the quality of resources available for work done by Adam Consulting. The services on offer range from basic start-up advice to more complex solutions sought by established businesses. Services are costed based on resource utilization assuring clients of value for money. The global network offers clients capability in multiple geographies with minimal investment. Locally, affiliations to other networks such as the CEO Club offer unique advantages special to Adam Consulting.

For detailed information, professional advice, and cost-effective assistance to start a business in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE. Contact us today!


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