Why Russian Investors Should Choose Dubai for Business Setup?

The exodus of foreign companies from Russia is not hidden from anyone. Not just start-ups even a swarm of big boys including Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Ford, GM, Boeing, Airbus, Expedia, Adidas, Harley-Davidson and Apple can be seen either leaving, suspending operations, or cutting back considerably in their operations in the country. If you are one of them and looking to migrate your business somewhere else, then we have got your back.  

We absolutely feel the turbulence that businesses in Russia are dealing with for the last 6 months or so in the wake of the Geopolitical situation persisting in the country. It is only wise to become future-forward and take the business to a peace-loving place that is politically and economically solid, instead of watching your venture devastating bit by bit and haemorrhaging cash in a heartbeat. But the $64,000 Question is – Where? Pretty natural! Dubai is on your list of cities that seem ideal for business formation. And if Dubai is the answer to your first question, then the next question that pops up in your mind defo is – Why Dubai when you have tons of countries in front of your eyes to set up your business?! The shortest answer is – Because it is business-perfect, stupendously! Sure, the world is your oyster for your new business incorporation or existing business expansion, but Dubai has a class of its own for business-friendliness! How we will see ahead. 

Dubai is beyond aesthetic pleasure!

The moment we hear the word “Dubai”, a twinkling slideshow of Burj Khalifa, Future Museum, Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, the Giant Frame, Gold Souk, Desert Safari, white-sand beaches, jumbo malls, flying cars, driverless trains, starts running in our heads, isn’t it?! Yes, Dubai, the recent host of Expo2020, no doubt is the last word in luxury and aesthetics. But the emirate is way more than just jaw-dropping sky-scraping structures, world-class road infrastructure, swoon-worthy entertainment options, and state-of-the-art amenities. A robust regulatory framework, an economic and social resilience, and a focus on innovation and technology to drive productivity and human well-being make Dubai the hub of an evolving global business firmament. Not just that, the largest emirate of the UAE is a little world of worlds, brimming with hundreds of thousands of expats from almost every corner of the planet, let alone the tourists. And that’s what makes it a treasure chest of business opportunities! I mean imagine the possibilities with a place that receives every year around 16 million international tourists and lets more than 90% of foreigners call it home. 

Dubai has no dearth of free trade zones

UAE’s first emirate to introduce the concept of a free zone in the country, Dubai is not just a city of high rises, mega-malls, and deserts but also home to a range of versatile free zones that are a treat for the senses of investors worldwide. Basically, free zones (aka free trade zones or economic zones) in Dubai are business communities that are developed to unleash companies from any types of tax-related liabilities such as Personal Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Withholding Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), Corporate Tax and Customs while letting them completely own their business. The purpose behind launching these zones is to promote foreign investment and economic activity in the city. Currently, about 30 of them are operational. Offering full tax exemption, 100% foreign ownership, complete repatriation of profits and earnings, restriction-free currency exchange, eligibility to unlimited visa applications, and top-notch amenities including innovative office solutions, free zones in Dubai are every bit business-friendly, making the emirate one of the most lucrative and investor-friendly destinations in the Middle East. If you want to choose a free zone business formation over mainland establishment in Dubai (or otherwise) but are unable to figure out which one is the right pick, then our Dubai-based business setup consultants will help you find the right free zone or mainland area that will suit you the best! 

Dubai sits strategically on the geographic crossroads going to all four directions

The strategic position of Dubai between east and west makes it an ideal ground for businesses that are into import-export, re-export, and tourism operations. The presence of airports and seaports further facilitates the businesses connecting to two-thirds of the world’s most attractive growth markets. Providing a natural bridge between producers, manufacturers and consumers of some of the world’s most consumed commodities, the emirate acts as an excellent gateway to the Middle East, Asia and Africa. No wonder, Dubai is the one of the most preferred locations for the global and regional headquarters of most of the largest corporations in the world, where 70 percent of companies are from Fortune 500. 

Lifestyle in Dubai is all wool and a yard wide 

While choosing a location for your new or next business, you definitely want to make sure it’s worth living as per your expectations. Don’t worry, the sunny paradise, with diverse lifestyle options, doesn’t disappoint here as well. Launching a business in Dubai will eventually proffer cosy lifestyles. Dubai, indisputably, is an attractive place for people from all walks of life to live, work and invest here. And every year the city becomes a little more intoxicating than before. Thanks to the high-quality lifestyle and non-stop improvements in the UAE’s regulations. This place not just offers remarkable infrastructure and quality products to enrich your lifestyle, but also incredible recreational options. When in Dubai, you will get to live among people from so myriad diverse cultures, religions, and communities who are always interested in prime services and shopping which means the sky’s the only limit when it comes to business ideas

Every sector in Dubai has got a “Midas Touch” 

Dubai has turned many expats into entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs into successful business persons. The investor-friendly regime in every industry is the major culprit! Seen as the city of superlatives, Dubai is a treasure chest of business opportunities in every domain, every industry. Whether IT, Retail, Healthcare, Supermarket, Tourism, Real Estate, Construction, Entertainment, Construction, E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Water Supply, Food & Beverage, Cleaning Services, Beauty Salon, Consultancy, Finance, Marketing, Jewellery, or Restaurant & Hotel, you can strike gold no matter what industry you pick. Click here to know what are the most profitable businesses in Dubai this year and the next 10 years?  

And to work for you, Dubai has talents galore!

You are already smitten by the city’s charm but you’ll love Dubai more after knowing that more than 200 nationalities (including about 40,000 Russians and 15,000 Ukrainians along with around 60,000 Russian-speaking expatriates from former Soviet states) call Dubai their second home (Hello quality employees and cheap labourers!). The catch is – Dubai crawls with global jobseekers and it’s easy to find full-time as well as part-time low-wage employees and workers with desired skillsets and nationality here. From full-time digital nomads to tech gigs, from Russian-speaking salespersons to Chinese-speaking receptionists, from Indian accountants to Pakistani drivers, no matter what type of industry you are planning to take root in, you’ll find the right talent within your budget because the pool of human capital in Dubai is full to its brim 365 days. 

Dubai is safe and sound!

No matter how rich and advanced your business location is, until it is safe business can’t grow and that’s why you want to do business in a country/city that’s safe and secure where people live in peace and harmony. And Dubai wins that trophy as well! As tolerant and welcoming as the city is, it is that austere and safe! Dubai is infamous for its zero-tolerance for any sort of non-compliances and offenses which simply makes it one of the most secure places in the world to live and work. It is the emirate of the country that, with a safety and crime score of 84.55 and 15.45 respectively, sits on the third position on the scale of safety worldwide (according to the Crime Index by Country report).   Moreover, Dubai is a politically stable place which is one of the contributing factors that have brought many international investments and businesses into UAE. This simply means you, your family and your business in Dubai are as safe and secure as they come. And this is all the more reason why you should consider Dubai for your next venture.  

Dubai gives you and your family a residency visa

There are several services in Dubai that can’t be availed until you have a UAE residency visa. And obtaining one is not a problem if you are sure to establish a company in the city. A business setup in Dubai makes you eligible to obtain a UAE Residency Visa for yourself, your family, your dependents, and of course your expatriate employees. With a UAE Residency Visa, you will be able to lease an apartment for a long term, open a corporate account in UAE Banks, enter/exit the UAE multiple times without the need of a visa, and last but not least as a UAE resident, you can easily acquire visas for other countries including Schengen nations. 

Business formation in Dubai is easy and straightforward

Setting up a company in Dubai was never this easy and quick! Thanks to the negligible red tapes, nominal paperwork required by the jurisdictions, end-to-end business setup assistance and affordable all-inclusive business formation packages provided by most free zones, and tons of prominent business setup companies in Dubai available at your disposal. After submission of the relevant documents to the licensing authority, it hardly takes 3 working days to receive the trade licence in Dubai. Some free zones issue the trade licence just in a matter of few hours. The best part is, you can now fully own a mainland company as well if the chosen activity belongs to the list of 2000+ business activities (eligible for 100% expat ownership) approved by DED, the mainland business licencing authority in Dubai. Yes, you may select from over 2,000 DED-approved economic activities for your business and choose from a range of legal forms such as limited liability company (LLC), sole establishment, civil company, local or foreign company branch and free zone company branch. 

Furthermore, the steps to start a business in Dubai are pretty straightforward as well. After determining the type of business activity, the legal structure of the company and the jurisdiction, and obtaining the trade name approval and initial approval from DED, you have to submit the required documents further to attain the relevant trade licence (Professional, , Industrial and Commercial). Furthermore, the cost of registering a company in Dubai starts from just AED 12,000. The Visa application process in Dubai is also a no-brainer consisting of four stages – Entry permit Issuance, Visa status change, Medical examination and Emirates ID issuance. 

Find the right business setup specialist at Adam Global

A large number of wealthy Russians are flocking to Dubai to set up their business in Dubai, get in touch with one of our business setup advisors in Dubai if you are one of them and have questions about the prerequisites of your mainland or free zone business formation in Dubai or any other emirate of the UAE. We will help you incorporate a company in Dubai cost-effectively and efficiently from beginning to end. With our experienced and qualified business formation consultants by your side, neither do you have to worry about the process and the paperwork involved nor about being compliant. Plus, you will learn a lot from our business and financial advisors in Dubai about the rules and regulations in the UAE that will eventually help you stay compliant with them. As we are a one-stop solution for all the business needs of people of any nationality, you don’t have to go anywhere else for your individual requirements that may crop up once the business is established. Feel free to meet us and share your requirements over a cup of coffee or two at your convenience. Your first consultancy is on the house! 

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